What is the Boost The Budget Fund?

The Fund has been created, by the Co-owners of Dorchester Town Football Club – to provide supporters with a straightforward way to directly increase the club's playing budget. So your money is safe.


Do you have a specific target?

No but the more we can raise, the bigger the playing budget.


Are you suggesting that I donate a particular amount?

No. But if you all set up a direct debit to the Fund it can be factored into the annual playing budget in advance of the money coming in. Whether it’s just £10 per month or £50 per month or more it all adds up. If we had 55 direct debits at an average of £30 per month then the playing budget could be increased by nearly £20,000 per year.

Put it this way: £20,000 represents 55 Dorchester Town supporters' donating the equivalent of half a cup of coffee every day for a year.


Does this mean we’re in financial trouble?

Not at all. What we’re seeking to do is to provide additional revenue to the playing budget to make us even more competitive. Owners of many clubs do this, but we have the advantage of being owned by the fans, so we can spread the load.


Will this take money away from other areas of fundraising?

There’s no reason it should. This is designed to be a regular stream of income, rather than backing for one-off schemes like investment in facilities, or purchasing new equipment for the Club. These vital areas of the Club need to be developed and grown too, and we encourage you to get involved in these schemes as well. It is YOUR club after all.





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